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Trondheim City

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Wednesday 10 August

The last 37 kilometer on our bicycle trip to Trondheim went in style. A beautiful scenery with hills looking like the ones at home, two showers (only two!) and consequently, two breaks. We descended at least ten kilometer on the Heimdal route. My odometer turned to 1200 kilometer when we passed a cyclists tally. That felt good. It has been a difficult journey, with steep high mountains and a lot of rain.
Our arrival in Trondheim went completely out of style; the city welcomed us with a friendly sun.
We checked in at the Vandrerhjem, washed our clothes and ourselves and made a short relaxed stroll. A friendly city with nice wooden buildings in happy colours.
There will be plenty time to explore this city tomorrow.

Distance 37 kilometer

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Tuesday 9 August

I’m getting bored with the rain. The tent is, Bert is and apparently his bicycle is also. Starting with the tent: there was no leakage this morning, but when we started packing again, after a shower of four hours, we noticed the darkened tent floor at the edges and a large darkened stain in the centre. There was however no time to let the tent dry, because of the expected rain.Berts bike seemed to be not working properly. Either he had or hand’t power and his display was all blank. It is out of the question for him to climb mountains without assistance and we dreaded the moment the support would stop entirely.

And we cycled up mountain wearing too warm rain clothes. We saw a deer, a large one, and he spotted us. The rain made our way downwards a hazardous journey. Our sight was blurred by rain on our glasses. Only in Orkanger was the first restaurant where we could sit for a while, getting warm, drinking coffee, eating pancakes.
We booked a hytte. Again.
It is still raining.

Distance 47 kilometer

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Monday 8 August

It started raining heavily last night after dinner and within a short time the campsite turned into a pond. We panicked a bit, having had the experience of leaking tents before. To be sure we stuffed everything back inyo our panniers and our expensive down sleeping bags in its waterproof holdall. They would be ruined when they become wet. We sat inside on our isolation mats waiting. We have a good tent. We were not afraid of a leaking tarp, but even though we are using an extra one, the ground cloth has a lot to endure. We felt the water underneath us. And when saw some water in a corner, we decided to leave the tent and ask for a hytte at the reception.

Early in the morning, I found the tent in the same condition. It wasn’t worse. Maybe it has been the right choice to leave the tent.

Before we left we let the tent, the tarp and the extra ground cloth, getting dry enough to take with us, in the little breeze. At the end of the day, it could get completely dry in the sun.
We don’t know if this whole episode will effect the further use of the tent. When we compare it to our rainwear than this one timer should not be a problem.

Distance 56 kilometer

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Sunday 6 August

Some island hopping. Hopping from island to island a bit further north is called the Atlanten Route. That’s the way to Kristiansund. The islands we hopped on and off again were different than the peninsulas where we started the day. The peninsulas were a kind of boring because of the forests. I like open views. We did see some deer, though. On the islands, the views were there. Farms and other houses on the slopes and sea views. The islands are mostly connected with bridges and between two others sails a ferry.

The weather has been good to us. We even cycled a short time in our vests. The houses are almost all built in the lee of the mountains, sheltered from sea winds. Except for the campsite, which is situated on the banks of a fjord.

Distance 90 kilometer

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Saturday 6 August

The day started very relaxed with coffee and cake at the Konditori, while waiting for our bread. Yes, the bread was put on the shelves at half past ten or so. It didn’t matter, because our ferry to Hamnsung left at half past eleven. To avoid a long bicycle trip through Ålesund, we took the ferry to cycle on traffic-calmed roads. We have decided not to go via Kristansund. There would be too many ferries and there’s that busride ofcourse.

It indeed has been traffic-calmed roads and there were hardly mountains to climb, noteworthy. Oh, and it was a cloudy but dry day, with a tiny shower at the end.

Distance 64 kilometer

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