Sunday 24 July

Starting very early to bike, for there were three mountains to cross. It wasn’t easy. They were three steep ones and we’re not very well trained, and it must have been at least thirty degrees. But nature is very beautiful and I was hoping to see elk, because there are a lot of traffic signs telling they should be here. We didn’t see them.
At noon I ask Bert to go ahead and make good use of his electric bicycle. We could cycle as fast as we planned and would arrive too late at our meeting with our friends in Kwinesdal. Normally he stays behind me, but his bike has more capacity than my average speed of around 3 kilometers uphill.

It was nice seeing our friends again. Last time was four years ago. We were looking for a campsite when we met her. She offered to stay at their house. We were tired because we had been cycling far that day. So we put up our tent in their garden.

Distance 52 kilometer 

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