Saturday 23 July

The 17 kilometers from Hjørring to the ferry in Hirtshals was reasonably flat. We didn’t had to wait very long for the ferry. Although, it was about an hour. Makes one think; yesterday even a twenty minutes wait seemed like a waste of time.
First, we cycled over a so-called mail road, a dirt road, but we had soon decided to follow the main road, because we have an appointment for tomorrow and can’t afford too many time finding our way in the mountains.

We planned to camp on a campsite in Laudal, but a kilometer before we saw a Dutch camper van obviously camping near a picnic place and I asked if they felt that it was safe to camp here. They were in a camper van, of course it is much safer than in a tent, I realise that, but we instantly decided to pitch our tent.
The river is our bathtub, the toilet is…….well, like the ones on events, festivals.

Distance 53 kilometer

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