Saturday 31 July

At eight in the morning we started to cycling. Our plan for today was to cycle up the mountain, going down to Vik and take the ferry from Vangsnes to Dragsvik. And because we left early, we could be at the campsite before the rain would start.
The road uphill very much looked like the stairways to heaven or like a children’s marble toy. I think that I am better in cycling up steep roads than the ones that are long and slow. And looking back to the valley deep down below, I am amazed.
The beautiful mountain plain was our reward. We obviously like this nature. It is rough and untouched. It helped that there was no rain, of course. It was terribly cold, though!
It rained when we started setting up our tent, but after a while the weather was pleasantly and we even could make a stroll.

distance 49 kilometer

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