Saturday 30 July

With some blue patched between the on general cloudy sky did we climb up the road alongside Skjervsfossen. The road up again is to avoid the tunnel down below, but we both agree that we are experiencing more up here than when cycling through the tunnel. We’ve already done that and didn’t like the loud noise of the passing cars.
My mood was very sub par when I got up. I haven’t sleep and the bed was very bad. I’m fed up with the rain. But the thundering waterfall and the climb to the top of it made my bad mood hide away.
But it reappeared when the rain started after noon. I so don’t like rain!

We skipped our day of doing laundry, lingering around and doing nothing and are ahead of our planning. I don’t see the point of doing nothing in the rain. We didn’t plan to sleep expensive in hytter or hotels, although there’s where it is nice and warm. In between the rain we arrived at a small campsite. When it’s dry we can pitch our tent. A man opened the door when we rang the door bell. He made some fuss first and then asked 400 kronor for a pitch. He said we could easily find us a spot somewhere in the wild. And – he said – it’s much cheaper. We didn’t want to argue about the ridiculous price and started cycling again.
We ended up much more expensive; in a studio at a ski resort.

Distance 51 kilometer

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