Monday 1 August

From the campsite, near the fjord to the summit where there is a large building for a panoramic view, is two hours and three-quarters cycle. That was on my odometer. That means when you can do it without a stop. But I had to stop every now and then. I think I sometimes lose my concentration and sometimes I just wanted to admire the views. Bert said that he sometimes thinks that the mountains are smaller than in reality, and I got the same feeling after each bending. The building seemed further away than at the previous bending. There just seemed to be the same amount of roads in between the building and us.
Reaching the viewpoint, on 750 meters altitude, the tourists looked at us like we were zombies. The view wasn’t as beautiful as on earlier summits. After a picnic we started getting ready for the descent, by putting on winter and rainwear. I don’t think I have to describe the looks!

We passed lakes, goat, sheep and a few holiday cottages as we descended very slowly.

For the night Bert had booked a B&B in advance. We are staying in a very pleasant farmhouse hotel. It is a very recommendable place to stay.

Distance 58 kilometer

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