Wednesday 3 August

The sun is finally shining, hurrah, and it has been 27 degrees. The world looks so more beautiful in the sun.
Not before we cycled up to Utvik deed we see the glaciers on the mountain tops. Yesterday I was mentioning the white spots, but they are obviously more than that. There were many coaches among the oncoming traffic. Glacier Express, going to the glaciers. Later, in Olden, we saw where the busses were coming from: a large cruise ship was moored.

Shortly after Stryn we went wrong. Bert said we had to go right on a small road, leading up the mountain. He said it way too early and up we went. It was the first time that I couldn’t cycle anymore and had to push the bike up. Bert, having an e-bike, continued cycling. We were almost at the end of the, what appeared to be a cul-de-sac, when he realised that he had made a mistake. I’m afraid he has lost the feeling of cycling. But we all know who is going to put the tent up tonight!

Distance 81 kilometer

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