Monday 8 August

It started raining heavily last night after dinner and within a short time the campsite turned into a pond. We panicked a bit, having had the experience of leaking tents before. To be sure we stuffed everything back inyo our panniers and our expensive down sleeping bags in its waterproof holdall. They would be ruined when they become wet. We sat inside on our isolation mats waiting. We have a good tent. We were not afraid of a leaking tarp, but even though we are using an extra one, the ground cloth has a lot to endure. We felt the water underneath us. And when saw some water in a corner, we decided to leave the tent and ask for a hytte at the reception.

Early in the morning, I found the tent in the same condition. It wasn’t worse. Maybe it has been the right choice to leave the tent.

Before we left we let the tent, the tarp and the extra ground cloth, getting dry enough to take with us, in the little breeze. At the end of the day, it could get completely dry in the sun.
We don’t know if this whole episode will effect the further use of the tent. When we compare it to our rainwear than this one timer should not be a problem.

Distance 56 kilometer

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