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Trondheim City

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Wednesday 10 August The last 37 kilometer on our bicycle trip to Trondheim went in style. A beautiful scenery with hills looking like the ones at home, two showers (only two!) and consequently, two breaks. We descended at least ten … Lees verder

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Tuesday 9 August I’m getting bored with the rain. The tent is, Bert is and apparently his bicycle is also. Starting with the tent: there was no leakage this morning, but when we started packing again, after a shower of … Lees verder

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Monday 8 August It started raining heavily last night after dinner and within a short time the campsite turned into a pond. We panicked a bit, having had the experience of leaking tents before. To be sure we stuffed everything … Lees verder

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Sunday 6 August Some island hopping. Hopping from island to island a bit further north is called the Atlanten Route. That’s the way to Kristiansund. The islands we hopped on and off again were different than the peninsulas where we … Lees verder

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Saturday 6 August The day started very relaxed with coffee and cake at the Konditori, while waiting for our bread. Yes, the bread was put on the shelves at half past ten or so. It didn’t matter, because our ferry … Lees verder

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