Ålesund City

Friday 5 August

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Thursday 4 August

The last kilometers through an astonishing beautiful landscape. We climbed not higher than 350 meters today, but the mountains on either side reached around 1750 meter the highest. It was a narrow pass and the high mountain walls were very impressive.
Later, we followed the coastal road. We had plenty of time to get the ferry of three o’clock, to continue our tour towards Ålesund. The lovely salty sea smell was refreshing. We were in luck. It was the most beautiful summers day. We had a long wait in Sæbø, drank coffee and sat in the harbour drawing, before the ferry left. From Store Standal to Festøya, where we had to take the ferry to Solavågen, was only 17 kilometers.
To find our way from Solavågen to the campsite in Ålesund was far from easy. In most cities where we cycle there is some sort of indication where you can or can’t cycle towards the city center, but here in Ålesund was nothing. So, we ended up on a very busy road, through a tunnel of almost a kilometer long and completely lost on a very busy roundabout.

Tomorrow we’ll explore the city.

Distance 80 kilometer

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Wednesday 3 August

The sun is finally shining, hurrah, and it has been 27 degrees. The world looks so more beautiful in the sun.
Not before we cycled up to Utvik deed we see the glaciers on the mountain tops. Yesterday I was mentioning the white spots, but they are obviously more than that. There were many coaches among the oncoming traffic. Glacier Express, going to the glaciers. Later, in Olden, we saw where the busses were coming from: a large cruise ship was moored.

Shortly after Stryn we went wrong. Bert said we had to go right on a small road, leading up the mountain. He said it way too early and up we went. It was the first time that I couldn’t cycle anymore and had to push the bike up. Bert, having an e-bike, continued cycling. We were almost at the end of the, what appeared to be a cul-de-sac, when he realised that he had made a mistake. I’m afraid he has lost the feeling of cycling. But we all know who is going to put the tent up tonight!

Distance 81 kilometer

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Tuesday 2 August

When it rains like today you hardly can enjoy your surroundings. We try to look around through our wet rained glasses but our vision is blurred. And it rained.

After a good breakfast, we left the farmhouse hotel and started our almost last real climb of the holiday. The 750 meters of yesterday was the highest climb, according to Bert. The mountains on this stretch, are different but still high and there are also white spots of snow on them. Before we knew it we were already descending. It wasn’t a steep road and had only a few hairpin bendings. Going down the mountain, we didn’t need winter clothing anymore, only our rainwear. Temperature is rising, which probably is a good sign.

Distance 75 kilometer

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Monday 1 August

From the campsite, near the fjord to the summit where there is a large building for a panoramic view, is two hours and three-quarters cycle. That was on my odometer. That means when you can do it without a stop. But I had to stop every now and then. I think I sometimes lose my concentration and sometimes I just wanted to admire the views. Bert said that he sometimes thinks that the mountains are smaller than in reality, and I got the same feeling after each bending. The building seemed further away than at the previous bending. There just seemed to be the same amount of roads in between the building and us.
Reaching the viewpoint, on 750 meters altitude, the tourists looked at us like we were zombies. The view wasn’t as beautiful as on earlier summits. After a picnic we started getting ready for the descent, by putting on winter and rainwear. I don’t think I have to describe the looks!

We passed lakes, goat, sheep and a few holiday cottages as we descended very slowly.

For the night Bert had booked a B&B in advance. We are staying in a very pleasant farmhouse hotel. It is a very recommendable place to stay.

Distance 58 kilometer

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Saturday 31 July

At eight in the morning we started to cycling. Our plan for today was to cycle up the mountain, going down to Vik and take the ferry from Vangsnes to Dragsvik. And because we left early, we could be at the campsite before the rain would start.
The road uphill very much looked like the stairways to heaven or like a children’s marble toy. I think that I am better in cycling up steep roads than the ones that are long and slow. And looking back to the valley deep down below, I am amazed.
The beautiful mountain plain was our reward. We obviously like this nature. It is rough and untouched. It helped that there was no rain, of course. It was terribly cold, though!
It rained when we started setting up our tent, but after a while the weather was pleasantly and we even could make a stroll.

distance 49 kilometer

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Saturday 30 July

With some blue patched between the on general cloudy sky did we climb up the road alongside Skjervsfossen. The road up again is to avoid the tunnel down below, but we both agree that we are experiencing more up here than when cycling through the tunnel. We’ve already done that and didn’t like the loud noise of the passing cars.
My mood was very sub par when I got up. I haven’t sleep and the bed was very bad. I’m fed up with the rain. But the thundering waterfall and the climb to the top of it made my bad mood hide away.
But it reappeared when the rain started after noon. I so don’t like rain!

We skipped our day of doing laundry, lingering around and doing nothing and are ahead of our planning. I don’t see the point of doing nothing in the rain. We didn’t plan to sleep expensive in hytter or hotels, although there’s where it is nice and warm. In between the rain we arrived at a small campsite. When it’s dry we can pitch our tent. A man opened the door when we rang the door bell. He made some fuss first and then asked 400 kronor for a pitch. He said we could easily find us a spot somewhere in the wild. And – he said – it’s much cheaper. We didn’t want to argue about the ridiculous price and started cycling again.
We ended up much more expensive; in a studio at a ski resort.

Distance 51 kilometer

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